Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rock and Roll?

Why does every pre-teen have to 'rock?
from High School Musical to Hannah Montana, evry Disney Channel moppet now is either declaring that they rock or are indeed so focused on their own superstardom that they have tragically lost touch with their audience.
Rock music was at one point scandalous, but not any more, years or commercialism and corporate control ahve diluted the pool so much that theres not much happening on the surface.
Becoming a superstar has become the defacto career choice for every child. its a little depressing, and irritating too. I love rock and roll music in all its formats yet i am insulted by the factory produced songs that miley cyrus sings and the almost casual labelling of anyting with the stereotypical uniform on as a "rockstar."
Perhaps it's my love of what i would call 'real' rock music, and music done with passion that makes these 10 year olds proclamations of "rock and roll" so insulting.
Real music is done with passion, and becasue the world has moved you, or you wish to move the world, not because Disney wants you to have a CD to sell in addition to your work on "Wizards of Waverly Place."
Thank God that real music still happens, it's just harder to find in the world. The crap has a higher marketing budget.
And THAT does not rock.
It sucks.

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