Thursday, October 9, 2008

NBC's Thursday Night

There is no better night of television than NBC's Thursday night line-up. Shows such as My Name is Earl, The Office, and 30 Rock is a refreshing evening of smart and very funny comedies. The shows are now going to be joined (albeit temporarily) by the Saturday Night Live "news update" a short version of the show that will cover all the election and other news that is produced as the next president is getting closer to being decided. The "Weekend Update" segment has always been one of SNL's finest and the insertion of it into the already great line-up is bound to be a winner.
also making it's Thursday debut will be Kath and Kim, another single-camera comedy starring Selma Blair and Molly Shannon. From what I've seen, the show may be too smarky for it's own good. It's a concept that puts two dim-bulb females into odd situations, involving their inability to function in society. its got a good supporting cast, but may not be accessible enough for most people. However, I though the same thing before NBC's version of The Office premiered, so I may be surprised again.

Friday, October 3, 2008

There is very little time left to pre-register for an amazing auction. Charter High-Speed Internet is going to blow your mind. Before registering make sure you live within an area that will have Charter High-Speed Internet. What you will be bidding on is how much you are willing to pay for internet service for life. I think that a simple math equation may help you put into perspective how valuable this offer is. If you currently pay $50 a month(which is what I pay) and you have the internet for another 50 years (which is how long I hope to have it) you are talking about spending around $30,000 and that doesn't even leave room for inflation. So go ahead, bid high and if you win not only will you have amazing internet service for the rest of your life but you also will have the opportunity for something more you will also have a chance to win a Nintendo Wii.
Don't wait any longer, bid today!

I already spoke a little about PokerDIY but shortly after I wrote my last article one of my readers wrote me and told me that he was a member of PokerDIY. Apparently in college Mike, my reader, and his roommate along with a few other guys from his dorm would play poker on Monday nights. When the graduated the moved to different parts of country and could no longer have poker nights under recently when they found PokerDIY. They all joined PokerDIY and now play together every Monday night. Apparently my suggestion was more then a suggestion, it was already a part of my readers life.
There are a few online free Poker sites out there but none like PokerDIY. PokerDIY has a great features including starting your own poker league. You really should give it a try. Dedicate one night a week to playing poker and start a league, or start a league that is already started. It is also a great way to play Poker without going broke(especially is your luck isn't the best). Learn tips, share secrets, and most of all, enjoy playing the game.

I found it on Spock!!

I know, you have already read many of my previous articles about Spock and how great it is, but I continue to be amazed by who and what you can search for on Spock. I have been trying different people, both famous and not, and I found that Spock is really a great place to find anyone!
I typed in the word "engineering" and what I found was amazing. First, I noticed, like Google, there are sponsored ads at the top and on the side, which I always found helpful since the companies who make money spend money to continue to promote themselves. I then found a list of engineers from across the country. It seemed to start with professors and academic deans of engineering programs at universities and colleges in the U.S. which leads me to wonder what the sorting order of these results are.
I found a neat link to a 95 year old engineer names Andrew Kantrowitz who taught at Cornell University and was a physicist for NACA. There is a large article on Mr. Kantrowitz on Spock which leads to Wikipedia.
I am predicting that within 2 years school districts will be using Spock as one of the main search engines for biographies for its students. Spock has everything that students would need to complete a school project. Spock has pictures, links to articles across the world wide web and even related people to the subject. The more time I spend playing around with Spock the amazing I find it.

Give Spock a Shot

As a blogger I am constantly working with and for web designers. Before I begin a project I like to know what kind of person I'm working for. Since e-mails can be so misleading and most of my work is done via e-mail, it is nice to know what the people who actually interact with the web designers I work with them about them. There is this site called Spock which is absolutely amazing! Spock is a place where you can search for anyone. Use the site to find friends from high school or college. Use Spock to do a background check before a blind date, or use Spock to find out the truth about the people you work with or for.
Don't waste anymore time, check it out today!

Find your dentist on Spock

Looking for a health care professional? Why not check out Spock? If you are looking for a Dentist go to Spock and search for dentists around your area. After you pick the dentist you think you like search that dentist's name in Spock and see what people have to say about him or her. No more professionals giving you referrals of 5 patients when he or she has dozens of patients who wouldn't recommend that doctor or dentist to their worst enemy.
Spock is a great site for finding a Dentist and a great site for finding anyone; and I mean ANYONE!

Better then Google? Yes and No!

I recently came across an article about the site Spock, which I have already reviewed as a personal interest piece. In this article the writer states that Spock is better than Google. I was surprised by how adamant she was that I had to comment.
I agree with her that on Spock you can find almost anybody in the world, which is crazy when you think about how many millions of people there are. Now let me stop you and tell you that I don't mean that you can find almost any celebrity on there, I mean anyone. Go ahead and type in your name. Does anything come up? I was surprised when mine did.
As for if it better then Google or not, I would say yes when it comes to finding people, but Spock doesn't really have any of the other features that Google does. Spock is definitely a good site. Check it out.