Thursday, October 9, 2008

NBC's Thursday Night

There is no better night of television than NBC's Thursday night line-up. Shows such as My Name is Earl, The Office, and 30 Rock is a refreshing evening of smart and very funny comedies. The shows are now going to be joined (albeit temporarily) by the Saturday Night Live "news update" a short version of the show that will cover all the election and other news that is produced as the next president is getting closer to being decided. The "Weekend Update" segment has always been one of SNL's finest and the insertion of it into the already great line-up is bound to be a winner.
also making it's Thursday debut will be Kath and Kim, another single-camera comedy starring Selma Blair and Molly Shannon. From what I've seen, the show may be too smarky for it's own good. It's a concept that puts two dim-bulb females into odd situations, involving their inability to function in society. its got a good supporting cast, but may not be accessible enough for most people. However, I though the same thing before NBC's version of The Office premiered, so I may be surprised again.

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