Friday, October 3, 2008

Make Some Money or Atleast Look at the News

As a blogger I spend much of my day either writing blogs or reading blogs. I have recently read an interesting blog at a site called Urbanread. At Urbanread you can make money by displaying articles from Urbanread. When your readers (hopefully you have hundreds of them) go to your blog to read your latest articles and then they can click on the latests news articles from Urbanread and you get paid. It looks like a really great site and I hear that it can be really profitable. I also have to admit that for the last few days I have visited Urbanread to take a look at the news. There is some really great stuff there, like there is this article on youtube comments and it is hysterical. So if you have a blog, sign up for Urbanread. Best case scenrio you can make some money. Worst case scenario, you have a great place to take a look at the news. It doesn't hurt to add it!

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