Friday, October 3, 2008

I found it on Spock!!

I know, you have already read many of my previous articles about Spock and how great it is, but I continue to be amazed by who and what you can search for on Spock. I have been trying different people, both famous and not, and I found that Spock is really a great place to find anyone!
I typed in the word "engineering" and what I found was amazing. First, I noticed, like Google, there are sponsored ads at the top and on the side, which I always found helpful since the companies who make money spend money to continue to promote themselves. I then found a list of engineers from across the country. It seemed to start with professors and academic deans of engineering programs at universities and colleges in the U.S. which leads me to wonder what the sorting order of these results are.
I found a neat link to a 95 year old engineer names Andrew Kantrowitz who taught at Cornell University and was a physicist for NACA. There is a large article on Mr. Kantrowitz on Spock which leads to Wikipedia.
I am predicting that within 2 years school districts will be using Spock as one of the main search engines for biographies for its students. Spock has everything that students would need to complete a school project. Spock has pictures, links to articles across the world wide web and even related people to the subject. The more time I spend playing around with Spock the amazing I find it.

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