Friday, October 3, 2008

What the Heck is our Government doing?

Ok, I typically do share my opinion on the government, and if I do, it usually isn't as heated as this blog is going to be. What is our government doing? I have to comment on these corporations who may be bailed out by the government. I'm ok with a bailout if there are certain requirements to the bailout. First, if a company's executive(s) has made, in bonuses, in the last 5 years combined more then or the same amount that the company is in the hole for, then that company should not be given the opportunity at a bailout. These companies where the CEO is making a $5,000,000 bonus at the end of the 1st quarter and then at the end of the 2nd quarter the company is claiming bankruptcy because they are $5,000,000 in debt makes no sense. If company executives have been giving up their bonuses and, in some cases, have been giving up portions of their salary in order to try to get the company back to where it needs to be, I am all for them getting help from the government, but those companies who act like everything is fine and dandy and then one day they are suddenly $10 or $20 million in debt. Forget them.

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