Friday, October 3, 2008

Better then Google? Yes and No!

I recently came across an article about the site Spock, which I have already reviewed as a personal interest piece. In this article the writer states that Spock is better than Google. I was surprised by how adamant she was that I had to comment.
I agree with her that on Spock you can find almost anybody in the world, which is crazy when you think about how many millions of people there are. Now let me stop you and tell you that I don't mean that you can find almost any celebrity on there, I mean anyone. Go ahead and type in your name. Does anything come up? I was surprised when mine did.
As for if it better then Google or not, I would say yes when it comes to finding people, but Spock doesn't really have any of the other features that Google does. Spock is definitely a good site. Check it out.

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