Friday, October 3, 2008

The Wikipedia for People Pages and Faces

There is a new social network, not quite like Facebook or MySpace, but definitely on it's way up. This site is much more like Wikipedia meets Facebook meets Google. Spock, a free people search, is neat in its own right, but where I see it going is as a high school essential. Every high school that I know of has cliques, popular contests and general issues with fitting in. At Spock high school students could post pictures, information, and articles about themselves and their classmates. The only concern that I see with this is that there is the possibility for feelings being hurt, yet, it seems that in this technological age, spreading rumors and viciously attacking one-another is easier then ever.
On the positive side, I see how Spock is almost a Wikipedia for people search only and we all see how popular Wikipedia is. Only time can tell what the potential popularity for Spock will be, but I believe with popular marketing Spock could be the next Wikipedia.

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