Friday, October 3, 2008

There is very little time left to pre-register for an amazing auction. Charter High-Speed Internet is going to blow your mind. Before registering make sure you live within an area that will have Charter High-Speed Internet. What you will be bidding on is how much you are willing to pay for internet service for life. I think that a simple math equation may help you put into perspective how valuable this offer is. If you currently pay $50 a month(which is what I pay) and you have the internet for another 50 years (which is how long I hope to have it) you are talking about spending around $30,000 and that doesn't even leave room for inflation. So go ahead, bid high and if you win not only will you have amazing internet service for the rest of your life but you also will have the opportunity for something more you will also have a chance to win a Nintendo Wii.
Don't wait any longer, bid today!

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Big Al said...

what's that i smell? Oh, yeah, a completely plagarized post!!!

a copy & paste blog with a contest that expired 6 months ago?

quit copying my stuff!!!