Friday, October 3, 2008

Pandora, a little gift from heaven

If you listen to music on the radio or through any other online live feed, STOP! Pandora, a free online music radio station, is absolutely the best option for listening to the radio.
Start by creating an account where you can save unlimited stations for each of your music listening moods. On each station you can tell Pandora which songs you like and dislike by giving a played song an up-thumb or a down-thumb. You now have the option to tell Pandora not to play a particular song or songs for a month. This is a great feature for those songs you really like but are tired of hearing.
Pandora also allows you to play a mix of the stations you have picking and choosing what mix you would prefer.
To make Pandora even better, you can find information on the artist(s), album, and even purchase songs right from Pandora. Let's say that you hear a song that you love and want to purchase. You don't need to go and open a separate window and search to purchase the song, you can purchase right from Pandora.
Don't waste your time with other websites and radio stations. Everything you need is at Pandora.
Check out Pandora at

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