Friday, October 3, 2008

I already spoke a little about PokerDIY but shortly after I wrote my last article one of my readers wrote me and told me that he was a member of PokerDIY. Apparently in college Mike, my reader, and his roommate along with a few other guys from his dorm would play poker on Monday nights. When the graduated the moved to different parts of country and could no longer have poker nights under recently when they found PokerDIY. They all joined PokerDIY and now play together every Monday night. Apparently my suggestion was more then a suggestion, it was already a part of my readers life.
There are a few online free Poker sites out there but none like PokerDIY. PokerDIY has a great features including starting your own poker league. You really should give it a try. Dedicate one night a week to playing poker and start a league, or start a league that is already started. It is also a great way to play Poker without going broke(especially is your luck isn't the best). Learn tips, share secrets, and most of all, enjoy playing the game.

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